Software & QA Assurance Solutions ensures that there is continuous monitoring of processes and thereby evolving newer techniques of Process improvement and Quality Assurance by maintaining an independent Quality Management Group.

Quality Assurance is the outer most layers of Solutions Methodology and Process that depicts the function of auditing the project, at the end of each phase of the Project Life Cycle, for process compliance. DreamSoft4u Quality Assurance Group facilitates all the quality assurance activities carried out in the project and ensures all aspects of QA – QA Reviews, testing, final release audits, UAT and QA audits

Our Quality Policy

"To Provide Value Added Cost Effective IT Services meeting the specified requirements of the customers with continuous improvement in services by active involvement of all our people."


Quality Control Quality control involves the examination of the products produced by the project. This examination is done via quality reviews & testing procedures. We follow the coding standards that are internationally accepted, hence ensuring easy maintainability, readability, efficient debugging, consistency and a cleanly packaged product.

Quality Reviews The quality reviews is employed as a method to check the project against an agreed set of quality criteria, which may consist of the product description, standards, test specifications and checklists. This enables to identify errors by means of a planned inspection, as well allowing the identification of such errors within a product to be identified and corrected as early as possible.

  1. Review Requirement Analysis
  2. Review Functional Specification
  3. Review Final Product

Code Reviews We follow standard code review practices to ensure correctness & quality of the codes written for the program.

Testing PhaseDuring this phase, the Quality assurance team tests the system by running the acceptance tests. The rigorous testing approach contains documentation describing the various testing stages and methods exercised when performing the tests. Results are documented from the testing approach, so that the process can be implemented before roll out of the entire application occurs.

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing