COMPANY PROFILE Solutions is promoted by group of IT professionals having 12+ years of experience in cutting edge technologies and various domains in the area of Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Transportation, Government, Logistics, Education, etc. is a product of Cloudweb Technologies Pvt Ltd Solutions has emerged as a global corporation to provide global enterprise solutions for its customers with a feature quite distinct from the rest in the IT industry for introducing the concept of Bringing Technology through Innovative Solutions. Solutions realizes that the key to successful implementation of new technology is the people using the new system.


By developing a keen insight into the human aspect and utilizing the state of the art knowledge of how to integrate technologies with the human side, has been the driving force behind Solutions . Solutions is engaged in Offshore, Offsite and Onsite Services and Solutions in the area of Consulting, Software Development, Multimedia, and BPO/KPO Services providing total solutions on the latest and cutting edge technologies to its customers worldwide. Solutions can take up any new area of Development as the Company keeps on updating the Technology and working through extensive R & D work on a regular basis.

In today’s world of Information Technology, Solutions is a Unique Solution / Service Provider (USP). Solutions is a global company partnering with businesses in key markets to create competitive business advantages, adding value through the rapid development and deployment of innovative, cost-effective, Information Technology (IT) solutions. Solutions complements the partnership by working closely with the complementing vendor organizations. Joint planning, shared roles and responsibilities, and a common methodology help maximize the value; the clients receive from their IT investment.

With the help of Solutions , a number of companies and other businesses have utilized various services viz. Software Services and Training Services, at a rapid pace and at very reasonable cost.