Product Features

Features of Email Grabber Machine (Email & Lead generation software)

  • Fastest extraction possible due to multi-threading technique :
  • Extracts email/leads with a faster speed based on your business or keywords. It words in multiple threads for faster extracting of leads for our marketing purpose

  • You can run multiple instances of the application:
  • It can create multiple instance of the application and enter different keywords in different instances so that you can extract leads at a faster rate.

  • Extract email/leads based on your business or keywords:
  • Acquire more customers for your business by extracting leads based on your business or keywords. You can add any number of keywords and extract leads based on those keywords. You can literally extract millions of leads for your business.

  • Extract Email addresses and WebPages from HTTP sites, Files, Folders:
  • You can extract leads/emails for webpages, websites, files, folders . You can clean your email list by removing any junk emails from your list and make your list clean.

  • Specify optional search keywords, phrases to your search criteria:
  • You can specify optional search phase so that emails/leads will be generated only if the page contains your search criteria.

Email Grabber Machine :

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